March 23, 2012

~Object 13~ Nail-Polish

Each girl has the opportunity to show her unique style and mood in many ways.  She is given perhaps the most freedom, though, in her choice of nail-polish.  Clothing, hair, piercings, shoes, they all have many rules that young women ought listen to.  Nails, however, are different.  No one is ever shocked to see zebra print or polka dots on finger nails, and women are given even more of a loose rain with their toes.

During the winter toe nails are generally rather boring, but spring comes around and girls frantically start painting away, begging summer to start.  Flip-flops are purchased (although the rambler avoids these vehemently... however, that is another story for another day) and polish collections grow by leaps and bounds.  Suddenly the idea of trapping feet inside tennis shoes seems nearly criminal, and girls use every chance they get to show off their brightly colored toes.

Green, purple, orange, yellow, pink, nothing is off limits.  Stripes, plaid, animals, favorite team colors, glitter, sequins and jewels are all utilized.  Never mind the dreadful smell.  Never mind the hassle it is for right handed girls to paint their right hand's nails, certain things just make summer seem closer, and nail-polish is one of those things.

Happy spring!




Over and out,



  1. Ooooo!! If only Cinderella could wear nail polish! ::sigh::

    I ordinarily don't love painting my nails, but after this post.....

    1. Hehehe! I haven't done mine yet this spring but I really ought to soon... ;)

    2. Update! Because I don't have to perform again until Saturday, I did my nails yesterday!! :D Haha, pink with polka-dots. ;)