March 19, 2012

~Object 9~ A Clock

Ever present, ever ticking, there hangs the clock.  Monotonous in its beat, one might think it would be a soothing sound, but it is not.  We look at clocks and see our lives slipping through our fingers.  Seconds, minutes and hours pass so very quickly, never to be retrieved, and a clock is a constant reminder of this.

But how ought we look at clocks?  Should a reminder of our quickly departing lives really be such a bad thing?  How different our lives might look if we instead view clocks with wonder and excitement.  Every departing moment brings us that much closer to meeting our King.  Every passing hour on the clock is one precious hour closer to glory.

Now, rather than looking at clocks in bitterness, let us enjoy the reminder that clocks are to us, and let us use each of our precious, irretrievable moments to glorify God, so that none is wasted.


Over and out,


P.S.  Sorry I wrote so late today, I worked all day and had a meeting this evening... 


  1. Wow. You sure are doing excellent at describing, Em! I don't think you need much more practice! Plus, I am inspired by what you said about how being reminded that time is ticking by is NOT a bad thing. Wow, how I need to remember that!

    1. Oh, thank you, Ariel! I just got thinking about what time passing really means, and I got quite excited about it. =)