March 26, 2012

~Object 16~ A Mirror

Mirrors tend to take either too much of her attention, or she shies away from them.  She spends far too much time in front of the silly pieces of glass each morning, only to be disappointed and grumble about the results.  Sitting in front of a mirror is one of the easiest places to be critical.  She sees every flaw, every imperfection and her self-consciousness grows by the second.  She looks into the mirror and all she can see is a girl who is not as pretty as so-and-so, or who's hair will not cooperate like that other girl's.

Sitting in front of the mirror is one of the easiest places to be critical of God.  She looks at her reflection and somehow thinks she could have done better, were she the artist.  Whether she would verbalize these thoughts or not, whether she would even admit to thinking them to herself, this is what criticizing one's appearance is.

Her perspective must change.  Rather than becoming vain and praising herself for the reflection she sees, rather than condemning it and spewing out her disgust, she must remember that God created her exactly how she is, for a purpose.  She has no reason to become vain, for she did not design her features, and she has no reason to dislike her appearance, for the King of the Universe, her Savior, designed every hair on her head, every freckle across her nose.

Mirrors ought not be attention thieves.  Mirrors ought not be critical judges or cruel reminders.  Rather, they ought to point us to the King, the Painter of the masterpieces that each of us are.


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