May 22, 2012

~Object 38~ A River

It was so beautiful.  They had just hiked an easy path and were sitting on rocks, enjoying the beauty of the falls as they ate.  He had left his camera home, and now wished he had not.  He asked to borrow a friend's and said that he'd take good care of it.  Aiming to get the perfect shot, his foot slipped on a mossy rock and he fell in.  For a moment he was fine, and held the camera aloft, but then he was swept away.

He died so overwhelmed by the beauty of the river that he couldn't not take a photo of it.  He died in awe of God's creation, surrounded by those he loved.

Tragic?  Certainly.  Pointless?  Certainly not.  His life was lived in similar fashion to how he died.  He lived in awe of God.  He lived in sheer amazement of the Creator's design around him, and he died that way as well.

Some might hate the river for taking him, but he would not have wanted that.  He loved the river, that's why he was taking the picture.  After all, the river didn't take him, God did.

One might imagine the horror of swirling, ice cold waters enveloping him, but let's imagine this, instead: finally being truly free of sin.  Not just free from sinning, or the effects of sin, but being free from every aspect, every angle, every bit of sin.  Oh, how glorious!

Yes, we miss him, and we look at the river in a different way, but I pray that we will not look at it in contempt, but with the amazement that was in him as he looked that last time.

He no longer needs a camera to capture beauty with... but maybe he has one anyway.


Over and out,


P.S.  This is the true story of a nineteen year old friend who died on the fifth of this month.  This is the reason I haven't written in so long.  Please read more here, here, here, here and here.  And please take the time to read hos blog, here.  He was an incredible wise young man who was overwhelmingly passionate for his Savior.  Also, if you are interested, his memorial service, which was this past Saturday, is online for you to watch, but only for about a month.  Please watch that here (the service starts fifteen minutes into the video).


  1. Awesome perspective. Thank you for writing it down. Blessings!

    1. Thanks so much, I'm really glad you enjoyed it. =)

  2. Beautiful Emily. We pray for the Eddy's every day. Love you.

    1. Thank you so much, Holly, I know your prayers mean a lot to them. Love you, too! <3

  3. Thank you!! This is such a beautiful post. <3

    Josh is so incredibly happy right now... :D

    1. Oh I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Ariel. I know, can you imagine him admiring the scenery in heaven? =) Love you, girl! <3

    2. Hmm... no I can't imagine him admiring the scenery. I can imagine him climbing it, diving into it, running on it and flying over it. :)

      I love this sentence. "He died so overwhelmed by the beauty of the river that he couldn't NOT take a photo of it." How true that is...

      I love you, too!

    3. Oh, very good point, he admires it too much not to enjoy every aspect of it. =)

      Really, I'm so glad you enjoyed this post.