May 24, 2012

~Object 40~ Pearls

She hadn't worn them before.  Her mother's pearls were so lovely.  Just the right size, not too white, not to perfect.  They looked like they were meant to be worn in a wedding or to meet the queen, not just a normal gathering.

She was asked if she'd like to wear them to a special event and she was thrilled.  Of course she would like to!  But she was nervous.  They were a gift from her great grandparents to her mother and she would be devastated if she lost them.

Her mother helped her place them around her neck, wrapped once, so that they were the perfect length.  The earrings, too, to complete the ensemble.

The night was a dream.  A fast, blur-like dream that ended all too soon.  Every once in awhile her finger touched her neck, and then each of her ears, making sure the treasures were still in place.

She felt like a princess.

Over and out,


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