May 28, 2012

~Object 44~ A Birthday Cake

She had never done this before.  She had not made the cake, or frosted it, either, but she was able to place the candles on top, light them and hold the cake while her family sang to her mother, who blew out the candles.  She had helped place candles plenty of times.  She had helped light candles plenty of times.  But never had she done either of these things alone.

For some reason it made her feel grown up.  She had been trusted with these simple, sacred tasks for the very first time.  As she was lighting them she hoped that no one would come into the pantry, so that she could finish her assignment alone.

She sang the first note of, "Happy Birthday," and her mom laughed as her family purposefully sang the worst rendition of the song ever sung.

"Emily, will you cut the cake?"

Feeling older by the second, she sliced each piece; a tiny one for her youngest brother, a huge one for her Dad, and every size in between for the rest of the clan.  Everyone loved it, but she was just thinking about this new chapter.  Everything was changing, and for some reason a birthday cake reminded her of this all over again.  She wasn't sad about it, she felt strangely peaceful.

"He has made everything beautiful in its time."
(Ecclesiastes 3:11)



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