May 31, 2012

~Object 47~ A Little White Box

A package came for her in the mail.  Opening the card, she savored the sweet note, and then saw the tiny wrapped object.  She had an inkling, and hoped it was right, but didn't want to get her hopes up.  She quickly tore the floral paper and saw that her guess had been right.  A small, white, hinged box sat in her hand.  Such a strange sensation ran up her spine and then down again.

She slowly opened it and there lay a pair of stunning earrings.  The lovely *snap* that the case made when she opened or closed it gave her chills.

She wasn't a jewelry girl, she rarely wore any, but these made her nearly giddy.  She took the earrings out of their wonderful, white home and placed them on her ears.  Her mom laughed at her as she giggled and posed with her new treasures, looking in the mirror more than a few times.

She wore them out to dinner with her parents; reaching up to feel them every once in a while.  She felt grown up and strangely elegant.

And the little box lay at home, forgotten.  But she loved it.

It's not often a present comes in a little, white box.
Over and out,