June 1, 2012

~Object 48~ A Computer

She's using one now.  And so are you.

There, you have something in common with her.

How strange that in just thirty years we have advanced from the first, massive, slow, bulky PC (not to mention the monster machines before the PC) to the thin laptop sitting on her lap.  She's watching a movie, in the other tab.  You couldn't do that on a computer thirty years ago.  She has a slideshow of friends on her desktop.  You couldn't do that thirty years ago, either.  She's typing a blog post.  There was no such thing thirty years ago.

Computers used to be a formal tool.  Nobody had one in their home, so it was never a casual thing.  With convenience, formality was lost, and it is now a very laid back instrument.  This I both a good and bad thing; a blessing and a curse.

She communicates with friends across town or in other states via email and video chat with the webcam built right into her little machine.  She posts blog posts that are read across the globe.  She has a Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and Twitter, and thinks nothing of it.  The computer has become part of most people's day to day lives, but do we ever stop to recognize the craziness that we are partaking in?

We are all connected to one another through an insane box-like thing.

What an odd thought.





Over and out,


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