June 4, 2012

~Object 50~ A Bar Stool

There is something about bar stools.

She had no idea what it really was, but brains generally work better while sitting on them, at least hers does.  She was sitting on one as she wrote these words, and they flowed from her fingers quickly, where they never seemed to in certain other places.

She had spent a lovely time with some friends.  They sat on couches for part of the time, but the majority was spent on bar stools around a kitchen island, and thoughts about deep topics were shared in abundance.

Maybe it's not the actual fact of sitting on a bar stool, but rather the casual feeling, comfort and...something?  She was not sure what it was, but there was just something.  Good posture is rarely present, feet are tucked up on the cross supports, heads lean in closer to the conversation.

Bar stools are just lovely.

But perhaps there are those who dislike them.  Surely, there are some people who are not comfortable on bar stools at all.  One of her happy, thinking spots might be a place where another person is entirely uncomfortable.

She has always been amazed and intrigued at the diversity of the world around us, and the people in it.  How is it that she can love one thing and another person, even a person she is close to, can dislike it strongly?

It's so beautiful, though.  Another one of life's puzzles.  Trying to understand where people are coming from with their likes and dislikes, their beliefs, their struggles and victories.  People are so beautiful; they really are.

Funny how simple things like bar stools can bring deep thoughts like these to mind...



Over and out,


P.S.  50 objects?  How can that be?  Wow... This has been wonderful so far!  I know that God is teaching me a good deal about writing, as well as seeing the beauty in every little object that he's blessed us with.  I would love to hear any object ideas you may have.  Please email me at: emequinelass[at]gmail[dot]com.

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