June 9, 2012

~Object 55~ A Backpack

Backpacks used specifically for hiking usually end up being used the same way.  They are filled with first aid and safety supplies, snacks and a good knife or two.  The snacks come and go, being eaten on each hike and replaced for the next, the knife finds its way to pockets in between trips, but the rest stays, waiting for its turn.  Items get added to this select group of unused things, but very seldom are they taken out.

Then, only every once in awhile, the bag's owner will decide they need to clean out the backpack.  Out comes everything; the good, the bad and the ugly.  After all trail mix remains have been gotten rid of, the safety supplies are carefully, or not so carefully, packed back into the pack.

She carried a backpack in her mind; packing things away, hoping they would stay.  Experiences, frustrations, annoyances, conversations, dying dreams; these are the things she stores.  They stay there for awhile, undisturbed and forgotten.

But then the fateful day comes, when all gets dumped from her mind's backpack.  An explosion of emotions ensues.  All the stress, anxiety, nervousness, fear; all the frustrations, temptations, failures from the past few months come pouring out.  It doesn't happen often.  She wished it didn't at all.

Backpacks are wonderful for carrying things, but the trouble is, we often forget to empty them quickly, and rather store old items for too long.

Some people are wonderful at emptying their feelings quickly; clearing them off of the table and getting them out of the picture.  Talk it through, write it out, whatever the method, some people do this well.  She hoards her feelings away.  She shares the obvious things, but the more complicated struggles end up shoved into the back of her mind... forgotten until later.  Rather than unpacking one item at a time, the whole load gets dumped at once.  Things that had been long forgotten find their way to the surface and cause trouble all over again.

But when used correctly, backpacks can be beautiful.  Store the items until the right time and then release it; lift it out gently and then let it go.  One thing at a time.  This takes tremendous discipline... but it would be worth it, if attained.



Over and out,


P.S.  Originally I had not planned on filling this blog with analogies... But that seems to be what it has become.  I hope that's not a bad thing.  I hope you're all doing well!  Blessings!


  1. i love backpacks--they're sort of one of my weaknesses :D haha and i love the great analogies you write! keep up the awesome blog Emily!

    1. Oh, thank you so much, I'm glad you're enjoying them.