June 8, 2012

~Object 54~ A Door

In her dream she found herself in a dimly lit corridor, the walls lined with closed doors.  She knew she was meant to go through one of them, but she did not know which.   Many seemed to be locked, but she could not be sure.  She stood for what felt like hours, petrified of trying a door and finding it bolted.  Her subconscious self told her she had nothing to lose, but she could not bring herself to move.  

Which door?  She was scared to knock; scared to be turned away; scared to have to start over again.  

In her dream, she walked toward the first, but her sight blurred and distorted it, until the door looked as though it meant to eat her.  Horrified, she jumped back to the middle, where she had started.  Shaking, she looked about her at each of the doors.  Finally, she persuaded herself to try one.  Seeing the most beautiful door, gilded and majestic, she made her way to it and tried the knocker.  Silence.  She knocked again, this time harder and longer, but to no avail.  Frantically, she tried the handle.  It did not budge.

Back to the middle she went, scared more than ever to try a new door.  Why are you scared?  She asked herself, they are just doors, what harm can knocking do?  But other voices were speaking to her, as well; dark, accusatory voices in her head.

"You are a failure."  
"You'll never open the right door."
"If you do get one open, you'll get lost."
"You won't make it far at all."
"You're letting everybody down."
"What, are you going to quit?"
"Are you afraid of the doors?" 

"No!"  She screamed, covering her ears and squeezing her eyes shut.  Sinking to the floor, tears streamed down her face.  "I can't do it... I am a failure; it's true."

"My child."
She jumped.  This voice was different.  This voice did not accuse; it comforted.  
"Who's there?"
"Have you forgotten Me so?"
"Master?  Is that you?  Are you here?"
"Yes, dear one, it is I.  I have been here all along, have you not noticed?"
"Master, I'm scared.  I don't know which door is right.  I'm scared of failing.  I'm-"
"Have you tried knocking?" 
"Well, I tried one door..."
"And no more?"
"What can you lose in knocking?"
"Well, what if they don't open?"
"Then you are right back where you began; you will have lost nothing."
"Master, will you help me?"
"Always, my precious child."

In her dream she tried door after door.  He walked with her, every step, and His soothing words and gentle smile pushed her on.  Door after door was locked, but one, the simplest looking door, opened easily.

"What am I to do, Master?"
"Walk through, and keep walking."

In her dream she walked through the door, and found herself in a mystical forest.  She had never seen things like those she saw then.  The beauty took her breath away.  For a moment she forgot His command, but after she had looked around it came back to her.  "And keep walking."

In her dream she found her way to a narrow path, dark and winding.  She walked for what felt like a mile or two and then found a door.  She knocked and it opened, and she found herself in a dimly lit corridor, the walls lined with closed doors.


Over and out,



  1. This reminds me a lot of the part in 'Prince Caspian', one of the Narnia series (if you haven't read them, you MUST!!) It's when Lucy is sent into the mysterious house to undo a spell and she gets really scared by everything, and feels like all the objects are talking to her and making weird expressions. Then Aslan comes and soothes her, and she soon realises there was nothing to be scared of. And she tried a door and it was the right one! So powerful, I love how much the Lord can speak through such simple daily objects! I will remember that every time I open a door today :-) Thanks for your thoughts, inspiring as ever!

    1. I love those books! Thank you so much for the sweet comment, Sarah. =)