June 10, 2012

~Object 56~ A Rock

She watches as the waves crash against the rock.  Cocking her head to the side, squinting her eyes, she ponders the beauty of it.  Even these waves; waves so dangerous, so tremendously powerful, cannot budge the jagged rock.

It stands firm; unbothered, unmoved.

A smile plays at her lips as she thinks of her own life.  She feels like waves are crashing against her, threatening to knock her down any second.  She feels like she is swirling in a whirlpool of emotions, change and worry.  She feels so small, so weak, so insignificant.

But her Rock is firm.

The waves in her life do not shake Him.

Rather than standing on her own, she stands on the Rock of Ages.  Rather than becoming overwhelmed by her own inadequacy and depravity, she feels as though she can conquer the world.  On the Rock, she is unstoppable.

"On Christ this solid Rock I stand, 
all other ground is sinking sand, 
all other ground is sinking sand."

Over and out,