June 12, 2012

~Object 58~ A Seed

She dug the hoe into the freshly tilled earth and pulled, walking backward as she did so.  After the furrow was finished she crouched down and ran her finger along the length of it, creating a small indent.  Emptying a packet of seeds into her hands she sprinkled them, and covered them back up.

And then she waited.

She's still waiting.  She has seen a few beginnings of plants that might be her herbs, but they could just as easily be weeds, at this point.

The hard thing with seeds is that you don't just have to wait while they get bigger, you have to wait until you see anything at all.  It's been a few weeks since she planted her herb garden; two kinds of basil, cilantro, sage and oregano, and she still has seen nothing.

A grand thing about seeds, though, is that even once you've started seeing growth, there is almost definitely more that you can't see yet.  Even once there are sprouts popping up all over the place, there is more to come.

There is already visible growth in many hearts, even through tragedy.  Seedlings have sprouted, true, agape love is in bloom.  Lives are being changed.  This is the visible.

The invisible, though, is infinitely more.  It's hard to imagine that, with all of the miracles already happening, there is more, that is not yet seen.

"Look among the nations, and see; 
wonder and be astounded.  
For I am doing a work in your days 
that you would not believe if told."
(Habakkuk 1:5)

Josh never saw these seedlings.  He planted the seeds and waited.  We are now seeing the fruit of his labor, and there is more yet to come; so much more that we would not believe if told.

"Wonder and be astounded."



Over and out,