June 6, 2012

~Object 52~ Headphones

She closed her eyes.  The song had just begun pumping into her ears, each note striking a chord in her soul.  Nobody else knew why she sat so still, why she sighed and hummed occasionally.  They probably figured that she liked the song she was playing, but they couldn't hear it at all; they didn't know.  She was in her own little world; surrounded by people, but having her own, personal experience.

How like life that is.  We get caught up in our thoughts and nobody knows quite why we are acting the way that we are, but it usually makes perfect sense to us.

Or, we don't know why we are responding the way we are to any given situation, as she often isn't quite sure why certain songs make her feel the way they do.

In a sense, we are in our own little world.  We have our own, unique outlook on each situation, on each person, on each word said, each conversation had.  We think of things differently than anyone else does, and the trouble is when we keep this all to ourselves.

Headphones are great, she loves them, but nobody wants to spend time with someone who is always wearing them.  That's why stereos were made; so we can share our music with the world.

Sometimes it's fine to sit in the corner with our music blaring, for no one else to hear.  But sometimes we each need to unplug the headphones and share the music.

Sometimes it's fine to keep our thoughts to ourselves, for no one else to know.  But sometimes we each need to step outside of our comfort zones and share the love.

Over and out,


P.S.  How's that for a majorly hippie closing line?  ;)  Seriously, though, share the love, folks.


  1. Love it! And that is so true, too. I actually had a lengthly conversation with my brother today about how challenging it is wearing high-quality headphones, because you can't hear anything going on around you ;).

    1. So glad you liked it, Audrey. Thanks so much for the object idea! =)