June 11, 2012

~Object 57~ A Finger

A dull ache bothered her all day.  She used her left hand vacuuming floors and washing dishes, dusting shelves and wiping counters.  Annoyed at her lack of coordination she switched hands, only to realize that this made the pain worse.  For a few days her finger had felt fine, and she had hardly even noticed it, but today it caused all kinds of trouble.

How very like sin.  We go without noticing it, without even thinking about it, until pieces of our life start to fall apart.  Relationships struggle, joy dissipates; tiredness, frustration and anger start to dominate.  A dull ache begins.  We get frustrated with how things are going, but often we try to fix things in the wrong way, making the pain worse.  

She had never noticed how much she used this finger.  Now that it was hurt, anything she tried to do with it brought the ache back, worse than ever.

We never notice how much sin effects our lives, and the lives around us, until we try to do something and then the pain stabs us, fiercer than we could have imagined.



Over and out,



  1. oh i completely agree. this is wonderful!

  2. I identify with that! It's as soon as you can't use something that you realise how much you need it.

    1. Definitely... It's rather irksome, but teaches plenty of great lessons.