June 30, 2012

~Object 61~ A Mountain

She was lost in thought as they drove along the freeway.  Scenery slipped by, unnoticed.  Normally she searched the hills and fields, spotting beauty everywhere, but today she didn't care.  Beauty seemed unimportant.

She looked up and straight ahead was a mountain, and she was unable to tear her eyes from it.

Only the bottom half was visible, the top completely engulfed in thick, grey clouds.

Nobody looks at the bottom of a mountain.  Most people's eyes are pulled instantly to the peak; that is where we want to be.  We want to stand on top, enjoying the view while resting with lots of water and trail mix.  We don't want to just look at, or even stand on, the side of a mountain.  We want, at the very least, to see our destination.  We want to see the peak.

She wanted to cry as she stared at it.  How like her life that mountain was.  She wanted to know where she was going; she wanted to see it and to just be there.  She didn't want to be staring at, or even climbing, the bottom of the mountain.  She wanted to reach the top.

Pulling out a piece of paper, she began to write.  Raising her eyes for a moment, she saw the mountain again.

The clouds were nearly gone.  The peak was almost visible.


Over and out,


P.S.  So sorry it took me so long to start posting again!  Nationals was incredible.  God was glorified through victories and trials, and I'm so grateful that I was able to go.  Thank you all for your prayers.


  1. I saw a mountain yesterday! It was so daunting and dazzling and encapsulating that I couldn't even acknowledge it was so. So I just looked at it rather stupidly and said "Thank you for it, God" repeatedly for an awful long time. It was so beautiful, I think that's what my future wife's soul is going to look like.

    1. I love that. Wow, you have such a poetic way of putting things. Thank you. =)