June 7, 2012

~Object 53~ A Window Screen

She woke up early that morning.  Feeling wide awake she glanced at the clock and was shocked when she saw the little hand on the five.  Oh well.  She sat there for a moment and was stunned.  It had been a warm night and she had left the window open, right by her head.  She now heard thousands and thousands of birds.  Each song was so unique and stood apart from the rest.  She heard one song stop, and another would take up the tune.  She sat there for nearly an hour, listening.  She was so very glad she had left the window open, and that the sound had woken her up.  She looked and saw only the sun beginning to make its way over the mountains; there were no birds in sight.

Where were they all?

She got into bed late that night.  It was hot, and she was sweaty, tired and grumpy.  She turned her back to the rest of the room, facing the window.  Trying to wind her mind down, she glanced out at the trees.  Instead she saw bat after bat after bat flying around, eating mosquitoes, calling to one another, landing, and repeating the process.  She lay there in awe.  One swooped right by her, only the screen and an inch or two separating her, only the screen causing her not to jump.  She smiled, watching them for some time, wondering why she had never noticed them before.

It was the only thing separating her from it all.

We live so close to so much wonder; it's right at our fingertips.  Why is it that we keep our windows shut, and miss all of this?  Not just physical windows, but mental ones.  Why is it that we walk by such unexplainable beauty each day and don't even stop to notice?

She does the same thing.  She gets frustrated at how mundane life can seem at times, but when she stops to enjoy God's beautiful creation, when she opens her window and looks through the screen, she realizes that she doesn't live in a mundane world: she leads a mundane life in a beautiful world.

She's the one to blame.  She's the one closing her windows because it's cold, or hot, or she doesn't have time to take in the beauty around her, or any other excuse she can think of.

When she opens her windows, though, and allows only the screen to separate herself from everything, she ends up in awe of the beauty surrounding her.



Over and out,


P.S.  I'm pretty sure I broke my right pinkie today...Typing is quite the adventure right now... =P