July 2, 2012

~Object 64~ A Steppingstone

The steppingstones she had been walking on were very easy.  She could see each step and knew that it was secure.  Walking on the easy path in a beautiful meadow, she was content.  Glancing at wildflowers and clouds as she walked, the even, easy path did not necessitate looking where she was going.  All was effortless.

A fog settled over her path, and she soon heard water rushing past her.  She questioned each footstep, tested each stone, looked for easier routes.  The sun hid behind thick clouds.  She couldn't see, and she was paralyzed with fear.  What if she stepped wrong?  What if the fog made the stones slick, and she fell?  She imagined the stones crossing a mighty river, and she began to tremble.

Cautiously she reached one foot out, groping for a stone.  Scared of falling, she stood still, shivering and scared.  Staying there far too long, she finally decided that she needed to do something, so she reached her foot out and placed it down again.  A stone!  She did this again and again, finally almost running across the steps.  Exhilarated, she gave up on worry and trusted that the path before her would be secure; trusted that God would place stones before her.

The fog lifted and she looked around in wonder.  The sound of water that she had heard proved to be a calm, trickling stream.  She looked down and the steps were large and sure, and she knew that her King, the master path-layer, had been in perfect control the whole time.  If only it was easier to remember this while in the fog.



Over and out,



  1. I love your object posts, Emily.
    It's so important, yet difficult to remember that faith in God requires action, too. I never liked that 'Jesus Take the Wheel' song. We have to trust that God will guide our steps, and actually take them. Beautiful post!

    1. Oh, thank you, Audrey! I'm so glad that you like them... I guess I'm just spitting out what God is teaching me.

      Yes, I feel that way about the saying, "Let go and let God." He does ask us to act, and that's the hard thing, sometimes.

  2. Your posts are amazing- inspirational- insightful. I really enjoy reading them and thinking about what you wrote!