July 6, 2012

~Object 68~ A Tapestry

She has been dreadfully nearsighted lately.  She looks and all she sees are a few ugly strands of thread.  They seem pointless and silly.  She looks and sees the small corner of something filled with strange colors that are not to her liking.  She sees something blurry and unknown.  She doesn't like the picture at all.

What she is failing to see is the tapestry that these pieces make up.  She sees only a square inch of the glorious masterpiece that is in the making.  She sees what is happening right now, and fails to remember that there is more to come.

God weaves our lives together, our actions together, our choices together, our mistakes together, our could-have-beens and what-ifs together.  He weaves all of this into a tapestry that is His grand story.

The pieces don't seem too beautiful by themselves.  We see a thread here, a bead there, a tassel or a button, a half-finished flower or tree.  None of this is spectacular, some of it is ugly.

Beginning to end, though, it is beautiful.



Over and out,


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