July 3, 2012

~Object 65~ Jam

The heat was turned on under the pot of frozen berries.  Slowly the ice melted, and the fruit began to soften and release juice.  She started mashing the berries, and they turned into a rich, deep sauce, which was left to itself, getting hotter.

Eventually, and after adding a few essential ingredients, the mixture was ready for the now heated jars.  She later stood back and admired the gem-like jars full of jam.

She realized then that she was just like that fruit.  She needed to be melted, heated, smashed, added to, stirred and poured in order to be what God needed her to be.

One day maybe she will look back and marvel at the smashing, melting, heating process, but she is still in the midst of it, and it's hard.

But she knows that the master, "Jammer," has the end product in mind.  He knows the beauty that will come of this.

And that alone is enough to give her some peace.




Over and out,


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