July 9, 2012

~Object 70~ A Flower

She realized today that she is a petal; we all are.  We each need one another to be as beautiful as we are meant to be.  A petal by itself is lovely, velvety and colorful, totally unique, but petals cannot live by themselves.  Petals need to be attached to each other, along with leaves and a stem in order to survive.

She was trying to figure out what the different pieces of the flower are, and a friend helped her figure that out.  The petals are people.  We need each other in order to thrive.  She has been relying on people lately like she never has before; she just needs them.  The stem is prayer, and that connects us to the water, which is God.  The stem is far more important than the other petals.  We've all seen flowers that only have two or three petals, but they are still able to do fine.  She's never seen a flower doing just fine that has no stem.  We need our stem in order to survive at all, and it causes us to blossom and bloom and flourish.

She often neglects one or both of those parts.  She will feel guilty for relying on people, or, "too busy," to pray as she ought.  Both parts are so very important, though.

How beautiful flowers are when properly taken care of!  How silly it would be to go along cutting the stems off, because they are not the prettiest part.  It would be ridiculous; yet we do it all the time.  She is constantly neglecting prayer as though she believes it doesn't matter.  Without the stem, though, the flower never blooms at all.



Over and out,