July 8, 2012

~Object 69~ A Piece of Candy

She has always had a sweet tooth.  She thoroughly enjoys gorging herself on chocolate, ice cream, candy.  The problem is, though, that she always wants more; she's never satisfied.  She has one piece of candy, and she wants another and another, but is never filled.

This world is so like candy.  We like it, we enjoy its taste and we want more and more and more.  But we have a void in our life that the entire world is incapable of filling.  We can eat as much as we can possibly stuff into our systems, and we will never be satisfied.

Funny that it usually takes her getting nearly sick on candy before she realizes that it's never going to satisfy.  She has called herself a fast learner most of her life, but sometimes she wonders...


Over and out,


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