July 6, 2012

~Object 67~ Gold

She felt filthy, dirty, ugly and grimy.  She saw nothing in herself that was pure or holy, set apart or righteous.  She had had multiple people tell her recently that she was a great light, but she didn't see it at all, and the idea only confused her further.  Everything she did felt wrong.  She felt so very messed up and human.

She thought further, though, and realized that she saw the things that floated to the surface.  She saw the obvious; the mistakes, the character flaws, the break-downs and the sin.  She saw the dross.

Like gold in the midst of the heating process, she needed some refining, and God was hard at work.  He was heating and heating and heating, and the ugly things were floating to the top.

The thing about dross, though, is that it's not just meant to sit on the top of the gold, it is meant to be taken off.  This was where things got a bit more difficult.  It's one thing to recognize character flaws and ugliness, but it's an entirely different thing to do something about it.

She knows that one day God will be done refining her, and He'll take her home, but for now she is in the fire, she is being perfected, and it is hard.



Over and out,


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