July 16, 2012

~Object 74~ A Silver Lining

They say every cloud has a silver lining.  The problem she often encounters is actually seeing this mysterious silver lining.  She has been in the midst of a dark, all consuming storm.  The clouds surrounded her and she could see nothing of the sun.  Light was blocked out and rather than chasing the storm away and searching for the bright side, she wallowed in it.

The sun is out again, and she sees each cloud from a changed perspective.  She sees now that the clouds she just trekked through have glorious silver/gold edges... shining a hopeful light on her life.

Yes, the storm was hard, the clouds were thick, the idea of a silver lining seemed almost laughable at the time, but hind-site is 20/20.  How almost beautiful that storm seems now.  She has been drastically changed by it, and is closer to her King for it.  While she was in it, all she could see was the darkness, but now she is nearly blinded by the glorious silver lining.

How dreadfully lacking in perspective she is so very often.



Over and out,


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