July 10, 2012

~Object 71~ A Wedding Ring

The circle has no beginning and no end, so why is it that a wedding ring is a circle?  Naturally it stays on the finger best that way, and of course there will not be (or ought not be aside from death) an end, but every marriage has a beginning.  As someone who sees an analogy hiding in every object, she had to dig deeper; she had to think it through.

Maybe marriage doesn't have a beginning.  Maybe, since before time existed, God had he and she in mind for each other.  Yes, the marriage itself has a beginning, but the idea never did.  The idea was there before the people ever took their first breaths... a beautiful, masterfully written love story.

How stunning.  How breathtaking an idea.  We cannot even wrap our minds around it...and yet we try to because it is so glorious.

And so, too, is our love story with God through Christ.  Yes, the fall did happen, there was a beginning to separation with God.  Yes, Jesus paid the price, there was a beginning to reunion with God... but the ideas were always there.  There has never been an instant when God was not thinking about the marriage that will be ours.  The story is not even complete yet; the marriage has not yet begun, but the idea was there before the line of time was ever penned.  

It is eternal, with no beginning or end.  The ring is symbolic, the analogy does hold up, the picture is beautiful.

P.S. I finally did it, Tianna!  I hope this was satisfactory. Thank you for letting me use photos of your beautiful ring! <3


  1. Aww, that's wonderful! Thanks Emily. ♥ I posted it on my blog, is that ok? http://tiannalovesandrew.blogspot.com/2012/07/wedding-ring-by-emily.html

    1. Thank you so much, Tianna! And of course it's okay. =) Love you!

  2. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful (:

  3. I love this! Wow. Thank you for that awe-some thought. <3