July 15, 2012

~Object 73~ A Lighthouse

She wished she were in the lighthouse.  To be able to see all around, even in the storms, and to spread light in such a noticeable way; how glorious that would be!  She was sitting in a small boat, being tossed around on waves that she never could have expected, and she saw a streak of light across the sky, on and off, on and off.

She saw the lighthouse, but wished that she were there already.  She wanted to get out of the boat and climb the stairs of the beacon tower.  She longed to leave her storm and better help other people through theirs.

What she had failed to acknowledge, though, is that there is a lighthouse.  She had been so focused on wishing she were in its safety, out of and away from the tossing of this storm that she had almost forgotten that there is someone not only in the lighthouse, but there is someone who is the lighthouse.  And He knows what is best, even when she lacks the perspective to see it.  He stands firm in the calm and in the storm, and He is never shaken by the storms that shake her.



Over and out,


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