April 4, 2012

~Object 18~ High Heels

She forgot her shoes.  Every pair of dress shoes were sitting safely in her closet twelve hours away.  And so, she must go through the dreadful process all over again: shoe shopping.  She ended up finding a pair of beautiful, shiny black heels that didn't kill her feet too badly...or so she thought when she bought them.

Two days later her high opinion of these shoes had changed slightly, but she still did love them.  Her father asked her how they were doing for her,

"Oh, they hurt SO bad, it's kind of ridiculous..."
"So, next time you'll remember your other shoes?"
"Oh, no, I love these ones, they're beautiful!"

He didn't seem to understand her statement.

She wasn't quite sure why some things work that way, but heels are just like this.  Sometimes pain is worth it.  Honestly, when she wears beautiful shoes she feels more like a lady, she acts more like a lady.  She stands taller, sits straighter and smiles more.  Even as she's squinting in pain with each step she feels like a princess.

Every girl needs to feel like a princess now and then, and if heels do this, then why not where them?



Over and out,


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