April 19, 2012

~Object 31~ Muffins

She woke up early today.  She had planned to set an alarm, but had forgotten last night.  God had it nicely under control, though, and she woke up when she had hoped to.  Making her way down the stairs, she headed for the kitchen.  In a slow, morning fashion she hunted through a cookbook until she found a satisfactory recipe and then unearthed each of the ingredients.


The egg made its way into a large bowl, followed by lemon zest and juice, sugar and coconut.  Flour, baking soda and powder were mixed in another vessel and slowly muffin batter began to take shape.

She filled each of the muffin tins just over halfway and placed them in the oven.  After setting a timer she set to work on the stove top, creating a beautiful glaze for her muffins.  That was soon completed and she had time for a shower.  When she came back there they were, golden, fluffy and wonderfully aromatic.

Poking their surface with a fork she spooned the glaze over the top, allowing it time to saturate every inch of the muffins before taking her first bite.

These muffins were just another reminder that spring is here.  Citricy and filled with coconut, the flavors danced on her tongue, waking her up and giving her a readiness for the day.



Over and out,


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