April 7, 2012

~Object 21~ A Chocolate Bar


She knew the sound too well.  The sweet, intoxicating crack of a piece being broken from a chocolate bar.  Her mouth watered at the thought.  Perhaps her love for chocolate was a bit out of hand, but honestly, who can blame her?

The beauty of chocolate is that it not only tastes like a bite of heaven but it has actually has been proven to lessen pain, stress and feelings of depression.  This, "food of the gods," actually releases neurotransmitters into your brain which tell you to be happy!  Chocolate is one of the few foods that has such power on the human brain, perhaps that is part of why chocolate is also one of the most loved foods of all time.


She broke a piece from a halfway eaten bar and savored it, allowing it to take its time melting in her mouth, slowly feeling a smile play at her lips as she finished her bite.   


Over and out,


P.S.  Green and Black's is a personal favorite of mine, sinfully good, and Fair Trade, as well!


  1. "Like it?"
    "Like it! Why it's positively sinful! What's it called?"

    Hahaha! I'm not a huge chocolate fan but I have to admit I'm craving some after this post...