April 10, 2012

~Object 23~ A Popsicle

Yes, it is still spring; she knows full well what season it is.  She knew that it was winter a few months ago, but that didn't stop her, either.  There are just some times in life when you need a good popsicle, and those times do not yield to the seasons.

Its oblong conformation, its frozen sheen simply begs to be eaten.  The bright colors and cheerful packaging are so enticing, how exactly does one resist?

She is rather a connoisseur, as with many other things, but it is seldom that she will actually turn down this frozen delicacy.

She made her way to the freezer and unearthed a lovely treat.  This was soon gone and she quietly made her way back for a second...and now she laughs that she actually wasn't satisfied with that and she also partook of a third little frozen bit of joy.  Sadly this is not a rare treat for her, but rather she goes into withdrawals when the freezer is bare.

She is somewhat particular in her method of feasting upon popsicles.  She takes a deep breath and breaths on it.  See, they are generally too hard and give her brain-freeze if she bites into them too quickly, so this is rather an important part of the process.  The rest isn't too unique, but that first step is quite necessary.

Yes, this is one of her favorite treats, and yes, she is nearly as addicted to these as she is to chocolate, and yes, she is going to go eat one now...



Over and out,


P.S.  So sorry that I was unable to post yesterday.  I was gone all day and then I spent the night at a friend's house.  I did write about an object, and I'll be sure to post it sometime soon. Blessings!


  1. Oh my! I would die for a popsicle like that right now! Actually, I think you inspired me. I might go out and get some.

    1. Well, in all honesty, the popsicles I have right now are nothing like the ones pictured, but summer is coming and I am hoping to start trying some fantastic new recipes. =)

  2. Had a popsicle yesterday. Breathed on it, thinking of you. ;) <3