April 22, 2012

~Object 34~ A Curry Comb

He was filthy.  He had just been moved from a mud filled, almost swamp like paddock area to a beautiful green field and needed a bath desperately, but that had to wait for tomorrow.  She couldn't resist scratching him, but she and her mother, sisters and trainer had a hard time finding a patch on him that wasn't completely caked with mud, so out came the curry combs.  Each girl took one, rubber, metal, plastic, and the five of them started working away.

Dust was flying and mud was falling off of him in large chunks as his coat became more and more visible.  Slowly his true beauty started to shine through all of the dust and they each smiled as they shook the dirt from their curry combs and wiped their hands on their jeans.

Even though he still needed a bath very badly, even though he was still covered in dust, even though his tail was matted and tangled, those curry combs had done a fine job, and he was starting to look quite handsome, indeed.



Over and out,


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