April 18, 2012

~Object 30~ Glasses

She places the glasses on her face and looks around.  It always takes her a little while to adjust to how clear everything is...well, almost everything.  While the words on a page seem to nearly pop out at her and distant signs become clear at last, there are some things, at certain distances, that almost seem to be foggier than ever.

She wonders if perhaps she ought to have said that the bottom right set of letters was clearer than the bottom left; maybe her prescription would have been better then, but she won't know until she gets her next pair.  One little thing isn't quite right with the lenses, and so much of what she looks at is distorted because of it.  She can see perfectly fine and her glasses still take away her migraines, but they're just not quite right.

Such is the case with life.  We should be looking at life through, "God's Purpose," lenses, but so often we let other things get in the way.  Even little, hardly noticeable things will end up distorting something, even if the rest of the picture is clear, there will be something that just isn't quite right.

When God, and His purpose, is in the forefront of our minds, when we are looking at life from the perspective that the Holy Spirit gives us, then everything becomes so crystal clear, but when we are getting in the way and we let other things take priority something will get a little foggy here, and a little hard to see there.

The beauty of glasses, and the frustration of them, actually, is that if the prescription is just right everything is amazing.  You go from seeing the world to seeing the world.  The problem is that because eyes are so very particular, if one little thing is wrong, the whole image is damaged.

Cosi e la vita.



Over and out,


P.S.  Dreadfully sorry that I didn't post yesterday!  I realized at about 11:30 last night, when I was in the shower, actually, that I hadn't written anything.  I quickly wrote a couple of paragraphs about an object just before the clock struck midnight, but I didn't have a chance to edit it and post.  So sorry about that.  Also, I thought you might like to hear that my stomach felt totally normal today (actually, that's probably just me being vain and thinking that someone out in cyberspace might care...but you probably really don't...)!  I had a lovely time catching up with a dear friend and I didn't spend the whole day curled up in a ball watching Sherlock, so that was quite the improvement over the past couple of days.  Thank you all so much for your prayers!  Blessings!

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