April 21, 2012

~Object 33~ A Computer Keyboard

Cold black keys rise and fall.  Fingers typing frantically, as if time is running out.  Letters morph into words and grow still more.  Hopes, fears, dreams, rantings, silliness, frustrations, loves and swirling thoughts each make their way to her screen, through her fingers.

Although she prefers a pen, there are times when ideas are coming too quickly, and the fastest way to record them is through the keyboard.  Inspiration can be so dreadfully fleeting, and she hates to lose an idea.

It used to seem like a cruel tool.  She stared at the blank white page of a new document and she could never think of anything with which to fill its emptiness.  Now, though, this mechanism is growing in her affections, as she uses it more and more and it becomes more natural to type, rather than write.  She now looks at the keys as friends, rather than as little letter bearing taunters.


Over and out,



  1. This is so cool :) I can really relate to the idea that typing is a far more effective way of making sure you get the inspiration down on paper before you forget it! Gina X