April 12, 2012

~Object 25~ A Lamp

She walked along the dark hallway, knowing that nothing was there, but fearing the nonexistent monsters all the same.  She quickened her pace but, finally, her silly, childish fear took over and a chill ran up and down her spine.  She lunged for the door handle and threw it open in a frenzy.  Running across her room she leapt onto her bed and lunged for the lamp, quickly turning it on.  She now sat in the light, shivering and laughing at herself.

The odd fear that had been so strong only seconds before had now entirely evaporated, and she sat there panting, mocking herself for her silliness.  What was it she had been afraid of?  She couldn't remember, now that the light was on everything was different.

A delicious glow filled her room and she smiled as she curled up in her blankets.  She glanced at the lamp on her bedside table and imagined that she would probably have been hiding under a heap of covers were it not for the simple lamp.  How funny we are sometimes.

She took no comforting, no, "it's nothing; you'll be fine!" just a lamp, nothing more.  With the turn of a small nob all of her unfounded fear dissipated and all was well...simply because of the light under a pretty shade.


Over and out,


P.S.  Thanks so much to everyone who has suggested objects.  You are all much more creative than I am and I am so grateful to you!  

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