April 14, 2012

~Object 27~ A Pair of Boots

Covered in mud, filled with straw and reeking with the glorious scent of horse; these boots were well loved.  They were uncomfortable at first, but by the time they had finished serving their purpose they fit almost like a second skin.

She remembers walking into the tack store and trying them on; her first pair of riding boots.  She paid for them with her own money, more than she had ever spent on a pair of shoes before, and she distinctly remembers walking out of the store with the bright yellow box, grinning from ear to ear.

How long ago that was!  Those boots served her well, and shared many an adventure with her.  She remembers how badly they would pinch her ankles if she was riding English without half-chaps, and she remembers how long it always took to lace them up; her trainer had to wait often for her to finish.

Finally, they decided that they were done, and so she parted with them and found a new pair, but those first boots will always be the best.


Over and out,