April 5, 2012

~Object 19~ A Shower

She hates taking showers in the morning.  There's just something about waking up and actually making yourself stand under a spray of water that doesn't appeal to her.  She wouldn't say that she's not a morning person, she can actually be quite human in the wee hours, but she is not a fan of early showers.

But later on in the day...oh, how glorious!  Showers are grand at stress relief and muscle relaxation.  She is somewhat infamous for taking her time in the shower later on in the day.  Twenty minutes fly by and she is almost always stunned at how much time has gone by when she exits the shower.

But right before bed is the best.  Allowing the hot water to melt away all of the troubles and frustrations of the day right before she goes to sleep is the most wonderful, calming thing.  As each droplet falls onto her head she feels herself let go of any stress that might have been clinging to her.

There are lessons to be learned from showers.  Sometimes we just have to wait for the right time, God's time, to do something, and then it's fantastic.


Over and out,


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  1. I like morning showers... They help me wake up. :)
    (but then again, I like ice-cold showers, too)

    I love this blog.

    1. Well, I suppose they do help me wake up...just in a super unpleasant way... ;) Wow, I can only force myself to take ice-cold showers on the hottest days of summer.

      Thank you, I'm glad you like it! =)