April 11, 2012

~Object 24~ Stairs

He made his way up the stairs slowly.  One, two, three...thirteen, fourteen, fifteen.  He counted all the way.  He was tired and wished he had taken the elevator, but he didn't have time to wait for it.  A long day at work had drained him of his desire to bound up the stairs, two or three at a time, and it was now all that he could do not to curse the many steps.  But as he slowly made his way to the top, his thoughts cleared.  By the time he reached the top he was quite glad that the elevator hadn't been an option.  There was something about climbing stairs that made him think, every time.

He smiled as he stepped off of the last step, now ready to conquer the world, to face any challenges that may come his way.


She took them two at a time.  She knew them so well.  There were fourteen of them; she knew this.  The hall light had been turned off hours ago and it was pitch black, but she didn't need the light to know where she ought to place her foot next.  There would be a pile of things that someone should have put away on the left hand side, so she walked on the right.  She avoided the top two steps because they creaked too loudly, and her siblings were asleep.  As soon as she reached the top she remembered that she had left something downstairs...and so down she went, again.  This always seemed to happen, but she didn't mind.  She had some work to do before she would let herself sleep, so she sat on the top step with her computer and a mug full of forgotten tea, slowly becoming lukewarm.

She could have sat on the couch downstairs, and nobody would have minded, but she liked sitting on the stairs, they made her think better.  Her brain seemed to come alive when she was sitting there, and words flew from her fingers faster, as she typed.

Finally she was finished and she tiptoed to the kitchen to return the mug.  Dumping the tea down the drain, she rinsed the cup out and mounted the stairs, two at a time.  She smiled as she skipped the last two and made her way to bed.



Over and out,



  1. you're one of the few bloggers that i can actually say i want to have your blog in book form :) i want to just curl up on a couch with a blanket and read through your writings non-stop.

    1. Oh, you are so sweet, Sidney; thank you! I've been feeling a bit discouraged lately and your comment is just what I needed. =)